Q: What Lens applicate effect?

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Measure the distance between "camera set up point" and "the target point", the distance = (A) m
Step2. Measure the width of "target points" need to surveillance, the width = (B) m
Step3. In accordance with the "Step 1" measured results "value A" s in the following table, find the closest to the needs of their surveillance photos
(That is, the sample photos of " Width of picture you catch" and "the clearance of characters" similar to their own environmental monitoring)
Step4. On the photo should be used in which mm lens focal length number => that have the lens focal length you need!
Step5. Frequently to adjust:
(Q1): the control according to the following example, to find a degree and I can see Wide similar location, but the characters are feeling too small, how do?
(Q2): control sample photos, find a character size and clarity, and I need almost the same, but the example of the lens can be used according to wide shot but not enough degree, how to do?
Note 1: monitoring cameras can seet 3:4 ratio of screen length, the above example is only marked Wide degree photos, photo length (height) = width X0.75
(Example: from the Department to use 60mm 5M length of the camera results 0.5M, the picture height 0.5x0.75 = 0.375M)
Note 2: These values form the rack to monitor the photo is about 1.2M in height from the ground office, head-shot from in front of people and cars. If the photo shadow in the general height of the ceiling rack, ceiling or high ceiling environments, photographed on the first floor or second floor, third floor, shoot the first floor overlooking the shooting at this time ... ...
Larger angle, you can take a larger area, but the figure would be less.
Note 3: The above values for the use of the form 1/3 inch CCD cameras for surveillance testing, if the same applied to the lens focal length 1/4 inch CCD
Surveillance cameras, camera angles will be smaller (smaller angles, shooting range will be available with smaller, but people will feel slightly larger than a More).

1/3 CCD and 1/4 CCD more surveillance cameras angles are as follows: